‘THE ROCK MOVE’ | Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s

Plump Engineering was involved in the 340 ton granite boulder, “The Rock” move that took a 105-mile jour-ney from a remote quarry to the heart of the Mid-Wilshire district, arriving safely at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s. It took 11 long days of navigating tight corners, crossing bridges and narrowly avoiding collisions with utility poles. The move was covered by media around the world.

A heavy haul overload process requires “Overload” agency approvals classified by the sheer size of the load. This project required state, county and city permits. Each project of this nature requires a permit to travel towards an end destination, which can include further local municipalities and research of administrative clearances and approvals.

The selection of transport systems include Self-Propelled Platform Trailers (SPT), Beam & Dollie (MB/Dly) and Goldhoffer. They are designed for proper weight distribution per axel and require a structural analysis of the transport route to verify the impact to street underground substructures like water, sewer & storm drains. Local utility entities require further coordination of above ground utilities that may require temporary relocation or de-energizing such as LADWP, SCE, telephone, DOT, or street lights for example. Final coordination is required with California Highway Patrol for compliance of payload and escort and notification to local Fire and Police departments.


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